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    1. Thank you for your interest in holding a food drive to benefit the communities we serve. Food Drives organized by businesses, associations, places of worship, schools,and other groups are critically important as we work to keep our shelves packed with nutritious food for the hungry families in Central Alabama. All food collected during these drives will help to feed the hungry in our area. 

      Every donation makes a difference no matter the size!Thank you for helping make a difference for hungry families across Central Alabama.

      Please Note:
      • During the Holiday Season we may not be able to supply total number of requested barrels.
      • Delivery and pickup will depend on driver’s schedule. All deliveries and pickups are made Tuesday - Thursday, between 12:30-3:00. 
      • Please call or email to schedule pickup at the end of your food drive or when your barrels become full. 
      • The driver will drop off all barrels in one central location (loading dock/lobby, etc.) 
      • Before driver arrives to pickup please collect all barrels at a central location that is easy to access by our driver.
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